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Our mission at Gener8Media is to create content that engages your audience.    

We understand that every business is different and budgets vary.  Whether it's a small real estate video or a large corporate event, no job is too big or too small.


You'll find that we are a cheaper alternative to your big Sydney based production houses, yet offer a much more personal experience.


We are a husband and wife team. 


Gener8Media was created in 2011 when Jenna and Brendan first met and realised their past experience combined with their unique set of skills could create a production company that was unlike any other. 

Whilst the two of us are the crux of the business, we have a handful of super skilled videographers and photographers. 

Jenna Hill

Co-Founder / Producer / Editor

Since she can remember, Jenna has always wanted to work in the world of Media. 


Growing up in the UK, she studied a Media Technology degree at DeMontfort University in Leicester.


Her first experience in film was working as a runner on a Miss Marple movie, her career then moved to television, working at The London Studios, ITV and Discovery Channel in both production and post production.  


In 2010, she moved to Sydney where she worked for Channel TEN, Getty Images and some smaller production houses.  By then, her skill set was extensive and her experience invaluable. 


With over a decade working in the industry and coupled with Brendan’s technical experience, Gener8Media was born. 


When Jenna isn’t editing, meeting clients, organising shoots, or on shoots, she can be found in the gym, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and being a Mum.

Brendan Hill

Co-Founder / Videographer / Photographer

Brendan’s goal in life has always been to own his own business. 


With a degree in Visual Communications under his belt, he left university with an abundance of skills.  A short stint in graphic design and web design, made him realise it was photography that was his calling. 


Brendan had his hand in every aspect of photography, teaching and shooting for multiple studios.  After feeling like he had conquered the photography world and seeing the need for video grow, Brendan trained as a videographer. 


In 2006, he launched a wedding studio called Emotiva Photo & Video.  Brendan was shooting weddings on the weekends and shooting corporate gigs during the week. 


After meeting Jenna through the industry in 2011, not only did their relationship blossom, so did the beginning of Gener8Media. 


In his spare time (which is rare now!) you’ll find Brendan tinkering in the garage, customising his motorbike and seeking out the best 4WD tracks. 

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